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Forming those who form others

The Franciscan International Guild for Catechists and Leaders

Statue of St. Francis

Congregavit nos in unum Christi amor

The love of Christ has gathered us into one

The Franciscan International Guild for Catechists and Leaders

We invite you to join today!

Are you interested in becoming really good at sharing your faith with family, friends, and co-workers?  

Would you like to feel more supported in your efforts to help others grow in faith? 

We joyfully invite you to join our international Guild, anchored to Franciscan University’s work and charism in the fields of evangelization and catechetics.  It is a diverse and apprenticeship-oriented entity serving anyone who desires to learn how to pass on the faith to others effectively.  This Guild is for catechists and teachers in any role and leaders at any level.  A key aspect of this Guild is strong formation and relationships, so that people who sometimes feel isolated in being faithful to the Church do not remain unsupported and unaccompanied, and the faithful creativity and leadership we see arising in so many places can be fruitfully shared under the grace and guidance of Mother Church.

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