Franciscan at Home

Forming those who form others

Guild Membership

All getting separates you from others.
All giving unites to others.
- St. Francis of Assisi

We are to become vessels of God's
compassionate love for others.
- St. Clare of Assisi

And a poor widow came, and put in two small copper mites, worth only a few cents."
- Mark 12:42

This Guild arises from a Franciscan charism. It is our goal to serve all who desire what God

has given us to offer to His Church, the least especially – to exclude none for financial reasons.

You may join this Guild according to what you can afford.

A higher amount will enable us to offer this for free or for a much lower amount for those who have greater financial need.  All options below provide full access to the Guild’s offerings.

Your generosity makes a way for others who have less. What are your two mites?

Please select one of the options below and proceed to join...


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