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This track is designed to cultivate Spanish speaking leaders, grounding them in the truths of the faith and preparing them to lead from the heart of the Church.   Formed to be people of prayer and discernment, they will be prepared to respond to the needs of the Church in their communities.


Este track está diseñado para capacitar a líderes hispanos, arraigándolos en las verdades de la fe y preparándolos para servir al pueblo de Dios con confianza y alegría. Formados para ser personas de oración y discernimiento, estarán preparados para responder a las necesidades de la Iglesia en sus comunidades.

This track, taught by field-veterans, offers an array of practical workshops not only for newer diocesan officials, but also to support the bishop and his staff.


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This track helps seminarians and priests explore authentically Catholic approaches to growing their parishes into centers of evangelization and discipleship.


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