Catechesis in Purification and Enlightenment: Preparing to Receive the Life of God

Before RCIA participants receive the sacraments of initiation: “...the elect must have the intention of achieving an intimate knowledge of Christ and his Church, and they are expected particularly to progress in genuine self-knowledge through serious examination of their lives and true repentance” (RCIA 142).  This workshop provides the Church’s pattern for the period of immediate preparation prior to sacramental initiation.  This is not a period in which to teach new doctrines; it is a period for a new depth of encounter.  It is a time to inform and develop the life of prayer, the call to holiness, the sense of repentance, the yearning for healing graces, the anticipation of Jesus’ saving embrace in His sacraments.  With its unique liturgies and spiritual focus, this period is a time of retreat, making straight the way of Lord to come anew to hearts well prepared for His coming.

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