The Discernment Process for Participant's Readiness for the Rites

[The catechumenate] is not a mere exposition of dogmatic truths and norms for morality, but a period of formation in the whole Christian life, an apprenticeship of sufficient duration, during which the disciples will be joined to Christ their teacher” (AG 14).  In the Church’s wisdom, this apprenticeship demands a careful process of mutual discernment that extends through the RCIA process and reaches specific points of inquiry as each of the major liturgical rites approach.  Participants need to be aided to examine and re-examine their genuine desire to become truly Christian adherents, truly the Lord’s, fully in the Church, and what that practically means in their lives.  For her part, the Church, as represented by the pastor and RCIA leadership, must also be certain that this decision is appropriately considered and not premature. This workshop examines the RCIA Rites Book’s specific assistance in this regard, offering clear guidance about how this discernment should proceed.

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