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Advanced RCIA Certification, Part I

We recommend to take these workshops in the order they appear, although it is not required to do so.
WorkshopsProgressLast viewed
The Vision for Christian Initiation
Pedagogy of Revelation & the Response of FaithIn Progress
Liturgical Aspects of Christian Initiation
Liturgy: Communion with God and Prime Means for Insertion into ChristRelease Date: To Be Announced
Wielding the RCIA Rite Book EffectivelyComing Soon!
Catechetical Aspect of Christian Initiation
The Ecclesial MethodIn Progress
Analyzing Doctrine with Doctrinal KeysIn Progress
Sacred Scripture: The Big PictureIn Progress
Pastoral Aspect of Christian Initiation
The Catechist: Witness to the TruthRelease Date: To Be Announced
Developing a Team: Creating an Environment for ConversionRelease Date: To Be Announced
Companions on the Journey: Sponsors and GodparentsRelease Date: To Be Announced

Electives for this Track

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Liturgical Aspects

  • Incorporating the Minor Rites & Liturgical Prayer Experiences Coming Soon!
  • Going Deeper: RCIA Lenten Rites Coming Soon!
  • Going Deeper: Breaking Open the Word Coming Soon!
  • The Great Day: Holy Saturday Coming Soon!
  • Unfolding Aspects of Catholic Prayer & Piety in the RCIA Process Coming Soon!
  • Canon Law: Validity of Baptism Coming Soon!
  • Canon Law: Annulments & Dissolutions Coming Soon!
  • Canon Law: Denominational Consideration Coming Soon!
  • Canon Law: Communion & Special Situations Coming Soon!
  • Canon Law: Confirmation, Eastern Rites & the Orthodox Churches Coming Soon!
  • Initiation in Situations of Emergency Coming Soon!
  • Initiation Adaptations for Hispanic Communities in the United States Coming Soon!

Catechetical Aspect

  • Christ: Center of the Catechumenate Coming Soon!
  • Adult Faith & Moral Development Coming Soon!
  • Discipling Adults Coming Soon!
  • Apologetics Special Topics I Coming Soon!
  • Apologetics Special Topics II Coming Soon!
  • Apologetics Special Topics III Coming Soon!
  • How to Teach to Cultural Realities Coming Soon!
  • How to Use the Hierarchy of Truths Coming Soon!
  • Making RCIA Gatherings Work Better Coming Soon!
  • Discerning & Training of RCIA Catechists Coming Soon!
  • Developing Annual Calendars & Catechetical Topics Coming Soon!
  • Going Deeper with the Ecclesial Method Coming Soon!
  • Digital Catechesis: Using Tech Tools to Teach Eternal Truths Coming Soon!
  • Developing a Social Media Outreach Coming Soon!
  • Catechesis & Inculturation for Diverse Communities Coming Soon!
  • Catechesis for Persons with Physical or Developmental Disabilities Coming Soon!

Pastoral Aspect

  • Signs & Stages of Conversion Coming Soon!
  • Going Deeper: Team Formation Coming Soon!
  • Going Deeper: Sponsor Formation Coming Soon!
  • Developing an Evangelizing & Welcoming Parish Coming Soon!
  • The Catechumenate for Rural Parishes Coming Soon!
  • Handling Difficult Needs of Neophytes Coming Soon!
  • Annulments: Pastoral Suggestions for Those "In Waiting" Coming Soon!
  • Forming Souls Through Small Groups Coming Soon!
  • Formation Work with Men I Coming Soon!
  • Formation Work with Women I Coming Soon!
  • Catechesis & Counseling Coming Soon!
  • Catechesis & Deliverance/Healing Coming Soon!
  • Catechesis & LGBT Issues Coming Soon!
  • Catechesis & Child Protection Issues Coming Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Adult Ministry Coming Soon!


  • Faith & Moral Development: Ages 3-6 Coming Soon!
  • Resources for a Children's Catechumenate Coming Soon!
  • Celebrating Liturgical Rites With Children Coming Soon!
  • Informing & Forming Parents Coming Soon!
  • Sponsors & Godparents for Children Coming Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Children's Ministry Coming Soon!
  • Barriers to Evangelization Occurring for Parents & by Parents Coming Soon!
  • Parental Fortitude & Sunday Spirituality Coming Soon!
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