Planning for Success: Program Organization and Assessment

As parish catechetical leaders, we are responsible for many components of evangelizing catechesis, including catechist recruitment, training and evaluation, program development and implementation, parent workshops, and a myriad of other responsibilities.  In this workshop, we discuss the complexities of a successful program and present practical ideas and techniques which lead to success.  This workshop focuses on a central questions for the parish catechetical leader:  How do I know if I’m succeeding in this job?  We explore tools to gage success and measure to what degree our programs and personal efforts are influencing the parish.  As well, we’ll examine creative and less-often used ways to reach out to and evangelize parishioners, particularly busy parents and other adults.

This workshop is coming soon!

Workshop Presenter

Lucas Pollice is the Associate Professor of Theology and Catechetics for the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado. He previously served as the director of Catechesis for the Diocese of... Read more

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