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Young Adults (YA) Track

The vision of St. John Paul II in inaugurating World Youth Day, developed into a decades-long challenge to the Church to call each generation of youth and young adults to the heights of sainthood. This apostolate to the future is at the heart of renewal. This track offers a three-part set of workshops targeted to the unique world of the young adult, ages 18-35. Any effort to evangelize and make disciples of young adults must start with a carefully-formed Catholic worldview and a genuine missionary mindset. Workshops explore the essential elements for developing and growing in faith as a young adult, and effective guidance for those in ministry to this age group. Particular attention is given to sustained long-term growth in the spiritual life, not just short-term gains.

Please note:

The workshop titles beneath "Courses of Study" will become clickable after you have (1) Started the track and (2) started a course within the track. To start a course, click on the course name, then click "Start this course."

We recommend to take these courses in the order they appear, although it is not required to do so.
Courses of Study
Trusting God as a Young Adult
Knowing God
The Trinity
The Father: Origin and Desire of All
Following Jesus: The Challenge of DiscipleshipComing Soon!
Holy Spirit, Converter of Hearts
Introduction to the Old Testament
Introduction to the New Testament
Knowing God's Ways
The Sacramental Economy
Sacred Scripture: The Big Picture
Pedagogy of Revelation and the Response of Faith
Praying with Scripture: Lectio Divina
The Deposit of Faith: An Introduction to the Catechism
An Introduction to Objective Truth
Discovering God’s Call as a Young Adult
Knowing Myself
The Human Person in God's Loving Plan
A Foundational Vision: The Role of the Laity
Personal Spirituality and the Call to Holiness
A Foundational Vision: Theology of the Body
Overcoming Obstacles in Discernment
Crisis and ConflictRelease Date: To Be Announced
Seeking My Vocation
The Universal Call to Holiness
Vocational Spirituality
Vocational Discernment for Young Adults
A Foundational Vision: The Community of the Family
Theology of Religious Life
An Introduction to Spiritual CombatComing Soon!
Campus Ministry Certificate
Developing a Missionary MindsetComing Soon!
Being Guided and Guiding Souls
Prayer: The Foundation of MissionComing Soon!
Conversion in Modern Culture
Self-Care for Campus MinistryComing Soon!
Culture & Context
Reaching Every Person: Introduction to LSO (Large Groups, Small Groups, One-on-One)Coming Soon!
Developing an Effective Retreat CultureComing Soon!
Ministry on a Catholic Campus vs. a Secular CampusComing Soon!
Formation of Young Adults
The Kerygma: Key Doctrines
Discipling Adults
Spiritual Accountability
Special Focus: Your Faith
Christ: His Person and Works
Catechesis on CreationRelease Date: To Be Announced
The Four Last Things
Ten Commandments and Beatitudes
The Church: Dispenser of the Mysteries and Guardian of the Deposit of Faith
Freedom and ConscienceRelease Date: To Be Announced
Our Life in Christ: The Basics of Catholic Morality
Catholic Social Teaching
Understanding the Liturgy
The Principle of Sacramentality
Sacrament of BaptismRelease Date: To Be Announced
Sacrament of ConfirmationRelease Date: To Be Announced
Sacrament of EucharistRelease Date: To Be Announced
Sacrament of ReconciliationRelease Date: To Be Announced
Redemptive Suffering and Anointing of the SickRelease Date: To Be Announced
Sacrament of MatrimonyRelease Date: To Be Announced
Sacrament of Holy OrdersRelease Date: To Be Announced
Special Focus: Family
Theology of the Family
Family: Domestic Church and School of Holiness
Fostering Holiness in Children
Mentoring Within a Family
Mentoring Other Families
Parent Saints
Guide to Loving Parenting
Living the Faith as a Wife and Mother
Special Focus: Serving & Leading
Jesus: The Christocentricity of Catechesis
The Kerygma: Delivering the Gospel Proclamation
Being Guided and Guiding Souls
Giving Counsel and Pastoral Care
Analyzing Doctrine with Doctrinal Keys
A Guide to Echoing the Mystery: Unlocking the Deposit of Faith in Catechesis
Adult Catechetical Methodologies and Learning Styles
Teaching Catechesis for Conversion
A Step Beyond: Engaging Young People Through Events
The Family as the Context of Catechesis
Essential Link Between Liturgy and Catechesis
Mentoring in Ministry
Personal Vocation and the Mentoring Relationship
Building the Mentoring Relationship: Asking Good Questions
Building the Mentoring Relationship: Empathic Listening
Catechesis for Persons with Disabilities
Pastorally Supporting Marriages: Helping Engaged CouplesComing Soon!
Pastorally Supporting Marriages: Helping New ParentsComing Soon!
Pastorally Supporting Marriages: Helping Marriages with Programming & When in CrisisComing Soon!
Forming Souls Through Small GroupsRelease Date: To Be Announced
Principles of Effective ConversationsComing Soon!
Special Focus: Professional Growth
Introduction to Organizational Health: A Critical Component of SuccessComing Soon!
How to Avoid Bad Meetings: A Strategy for Healthy Leadership TeamsComing Soon!
Effective Communications, Internal & ExternalComing Soon!
Balancing Life & Ministry as a Professional: Finding & Implementing a System that Works For YouComing Soon!
Generational Traits of Leaders that Impact Relationships & Ministerial UnderstandingComing Soon!
Using Perceivers (M-Core, Myers Briggs, temperaments, spiritual inventories, charisms, etc.): Self-Awareness & Self-KnowledgeComing Soon!
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