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The Directory for Catechesis: Principles for Forming Catechists

In the Directory for Catechesis we read, “Over the course of the centuries, the Church has never neglected to give priority to the formation of catechists. . . . Formation is an ongoing process that, under the guidance of the Spirit and in the living womb of the Christian community, helps the baptized person to take shape . . .” (130–131). This beautiful document highlights for us the incredible vocation that is catechesis and the importance of our formation as catechists. God calls catechists and religion teachers to the work of bringing Jesus Christ to the world, and to do this, those who are catechists and teachers are in constant need of growing closer to the Holy One. In this workshop, we will explore some of the principles laid out in the gift that is this Directory for Catechesis, learning about the identity of the catechist and how to be formed in the work of catechesis well. Whether you are a parish catechetical leader, priest, catechist, or someone else tasked with the work of forming other catechists and teachers, you will surely benefit from the many riches the Directory for Catechesis has to offer, presented in this workshop. 

Workshop Presenter

Petroc Willey BD, PhD, STL, PhD, is married to Katherine and has four children – Charis, Benedict, Nicholas and David, and granddaughters Miriam, Teresa, and Tirzah. He is the... Read more

Mary Ann Wiesinger-Puig is passionate about raising leaders and teaching the Catholic faith. She has worked at the diocesan level for 12 years in a wide range of capacities, running catechist... Read more

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