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Eucharistic Renewal (ER) Track

Please note:

The workshop titles beneath "Courses of Study" will become clickable after you have (1) Started the track and (2) started a course within the track. To start a course, click on the course name, then click "Start this course."

We recommend to take these courses in the order they appear, although it is not required to do so.
Courses of Study
Seeing God’s Greatest Gift
Formation Workshops
The Sacramental Economy
Following Jesus: The Challenge of Discipleship
The Liturgical Nature and Sacramental Life of the Church
Understanding the Liturgy
Forming People for a Eucharist Life
Formation Workshops
Introduction to the SacramentsComing Soon!
The Sacrament of the EucharistComing Soon!
Eucharistic DiscipleshipComing Soon!
Essential Link Between Liturgy and Catechesis
Introducing the Liturgy to Children
First Penance and First Eucharist Preparation
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