General Introduction to Adolescent Development

“The heart of catechesis is the explicit proposal of Christ to the young man in the Gospel; it is a direct proposal to all young people in terms appropriate to young people, and with considered understanding of their problems” (GDC 183). This practical workshop helps youth ministers and all those who seek to reach teens with God’s love, especially parents, to understand the psychological make-up of today’s teens. The goal is to help a young person at this stage of life obtain a holistic picture of the role adolescence plays in the process of development of an emotionally and morally integrated Christian, which even in these transitional years can enable a path to spiritual peace and joy.

Release Date: To Be Announced

Workshop Presenter

Dr. Matthew Breuninger is an assistant professor of psychology at Franciscan University of Steubenville. He earned an M.A. in Theology from Ave Maria University and a doctoral degree in clinical... Read more

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