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Forming Faith at Home (FFH) Track

In this time of unprecedented challenge, this brief and very doable set of workshops can help parents who won’t be able to send their children back to parish-based or school programs in the normal way. It is intended to help parents attune to a more home-focused formation during the coming months at least, if not longer. There is also a couple of workshops for parish leaders trying to find creative ways to help families during this time.

Please note:

The workshop titles beneath "Courses of Study" will become clickable after you have (1) Started the track and (2) started a course within the track. To start a course, click on the course name, then click "Start this course."

We recommend to take these courses in the order they appear, although it is not required to do so.
Courses of Study
Help for Parents Seeking to Grow Faith in the Home
Formation Workshops
Fostering Holiness in Children
Family: Domestic Church & School of Holiness
The Sacramental Economy
Being Guided & Guiding Souls
Help for Parish Leaders Seeking to Support Families
Formation Workshops
The Family as the Context of Catechesis
Shifting to Family-Centered Formation
Help for School Leaders Seeking to Support Families
Formation Workshop
Family Systems in a Catholic School
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