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Sacramentals in the Life of the Church

In the Code of Canon Law we read, “Sacramentals are sacred signs by which effects, especially spiritual effects, are signified in some imitation of the sacraments and are obtained through the intercession of the Church” (Canon 1166). Properly speaking, the term sacramentals refers to three of these sacred signs: blessings, consecrations, and exorcisms. In this workshop, we will explore the beauty of sacramentals and their power to dispose us to receive the sacraments and to more fully live as Christ in the particular circumstances of our lives. As we explore numerous examples of sacramentals, we will gain a deeper appreciation for the profound gift they are from holy Mother Church for participating in the Christian life, and discover opportunities to incorporate them into our own lives.

Workshop Presenter

Christopher Carstens is director of the Office for Sacred Worship in the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin; a visiting faculty member at the Liturgical Institute at the University of St. Mary of the... Read more

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