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Course of Study:

Foundations of Pastoral Accompaniment

We recommend to take these workshops in the order they appear, although it is not required to do so.
WorkshopsProgressLast viewed
Mentoring Focus
Catechetical MentorshipIn Progress
Mentoring in Ministry In Progress
Discipling AdultsComing Soon!
Spirituality Focus
Being Guided & Guiding SoulsIn Progress
The Most Important Life: Gospel Patterns of Jesus' LifeRelease Date: To Be Announced
The Gospel of the Holy Spirit: Evangelization Priorities in the Book of ActsRelease Date: To be Announced
Counseling Focus
Giving Counsel and Pastoral CareIn Progress
Catechesis & Giving CounselRelease Date: To Be Announced
Building the Mentoring Relationship: Asking Good QuestionsIn Progress
Building the Mentoring Relationship: Empathic ListeningIn Progress
Personal Vocation and the Mentoring RelationshipIn Progress

Electives for this Track

To view or start an elective, click on its title from the list below.

Mentoring Focus

  • St. John Bosco & St. Philip Neri as MentorsComing Soon!
  • St. Francis de Sales & St. Catherine of Sienna as MentorsComing Soon!
  • St. Teresa of Ávila & St. Thérèse of Lisieux as MentorsComing Soon!
  • Parental Fortitude & Sunday SpiritualityComing Soon!
  • Evangelical Effectiveness of ParentingComing Soon!
  • Mentoring Other FamiliesComing Soon!
  • Child Saints, Part II: Seeing Your Child in His Light Coming Soon!
  • Godly DisciplineComing Soon!
  • Homiletics Mentorship IComing Soon!
  • Homiletics Mentorship IIComing Soon!
  • Liturgical Mentorship IComing Soon!
  • Liturgical Mentorship IIComing Soon!

Spirituality Focus

  • Adult Faith & Moral DevelopmentComing Soon!
  • Spiritual Masterworks IIComing Soon!
  • Spiritual Masterworks IIIComing Soon!
  • Spiritual Masterworks IVComing Soon!
  • Personal Development: Greatest Hopes & FearsComing Soon!
  • Personal Development: Spiritual Docility & OpennessComing Soon!
  • Conversion: How Faith Grows and WithersComing Soon!
  • Conversion: Culture Barriers & Cultural Helps []Coming Soon!
  • Conversion: The Role of Suffering & CrisisComing Soon!
  • Spiritual Dimension of HealthcareComing Soon!
  • Formation Work with Men IComing Soon!
  • Formation Work with Women IComing Soon!
  • Formation Work with Teenage BoysComing Soon!
  • Formation Work with Teenage GirlsComing Soon!

Counseling Focus

  • Helping Engaged CouplesComing Soon!
  • Helping New ParentsComing Soon!
  • Helping Married CouplesComing Soon!
  • Counseling Scenarios IIComing Soon!
  • Counseling Scenarios IIIComing Soon!
  • Counseling Scenarios IVComing Soon!
  • Depression & SuicideComing Soon!
  • Addiction & AlcoholismComing Soon!
  • Forming Souls Through Small GroupsComing Soon!
  • The Discernment Process for Participant's Readiness for the RitesComing Soon!
  • Marriage Preparation MinistryComing Soon!
  • Discipling AdultsComing Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Adult MinistryComing Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Children's MinistryComing Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Family MinistryComing Soon!
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