Catechesis & Inculturation for Diverse Communities

Increasingly our communities, and the parishes that serve them, are a mosaic of ethnicities and languages.  St. John Paul II noted that, “the power of the Gospel everywhere transforms and regenerates. When that power enters into a culture, it is no surprise that it rectifies many of its elements.  There would be no catechesis if it were the Gospel that had to change when it came into contact with the cultures.  To forget this would simply amount to what St. Paul very forcefully calls “emptying the cross of Christ of its power.”  It is a different matter to take, with wise discernment, certain elements, religious or otherwise, that form part of the cultural heritage of a human group and use them to help its members to understand better the whole of the Christian mystery” (CT 53).  This workshop addresses the challenges and opportunities of the Church’s work of inculturation, specifically focusing on situations where parish communities are serving souls from a diversity of backgrounds and cultural experiences.


Release Date: To Be Announced

Workshop Presenter

Gloria F. (“Gigi”) Zapiain has been involved in catechetics on the parish and diocesan levels for more than 25 years, having served as a parish DRE and catechetical consultant for the Archdiocese... Read more

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