Discipling Adults

Most parishes have very intentional forms of outreach to children:  days schools, youth groups, Vacation Bible School, sports programs, etc.  Far fewer have well-designed, well-supported, and diverse forms of outreach to adults.  Even rarer are parishes that make a priority of hiring people or recruiting and training volunteers whose specific calling and skills are the evangelization and catechesis of adults.  Yet St. John Paul II emphasized that, “One of the constant concerns whose urgency is confirmed by present day experience throughout the world, is the catechesis of adults.  This is the principal form of catechesis because it is addressed to persons who have the greatest responsibility and the capacity to live the Christian message added later in its fully developed form” (CT 43).  This workshop heeds that call, and offers practical ways forward for parish ministries, both to identify the great needs that exist in every community, and the pastoral sensitivities required to meet those needs.


This workshop is coming soon!
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