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Foundational Catechist Certification

When you get to the "Method" section, please take the "Ecclesial Method" workshop AND either "Child Catechetical Methodologies and Learning Styles" OR "Adult Catechetical Methodologies and Learning Styles".

We recommend to take these workshops in the order they appear, although it is not required to do so.
WorkshopsProgressLast viewed
The Vocation of the CatechistIn Progress
Jesus: The Christocentricity of CatechesisIn Progress
The Deposit of Faith: An Introduction to the CatechismIn Progress
Essential Link Between Liturgy and CatechesisIn Progress
Scripture: The Heart of CatechesisIn Progress
Sacred Scripture: The Big PictureIn Progress
The Ecclesial MethodIn Progress
Child Catechetical Methodologies and Learning StylesIn Progress
Adult Catechetical Methodologies and Learning StylesIn Progress
Philosophical Foundations of CatecheticsIn Progress
Prayer: Introduction to the Spiritual Life of the CatechistIn Progress
The TrinityIn Progress
Christ: His Person and WorksIn Progress

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