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Forming those who form others

First Proclamation and Evangelization (FPE) Track

This track is intended for any individual, clergy or lay, active in ministry or not, who desires to develop the ability to proclaim the Gospel to others.  Workshops in this three-part series address the critical content of the basic Gospel message, effective ways to unfolded its saving content, the nature of conversion and faith development, the natural and necessary connection between evangelization and a deeper exploration of the faith, best practices in the field in a wide range of circumstances, skills development, the place of apologetics, avenues to evangelize families and specific age groups, and the need to be well-formed in the pastoral and spiritual aspects of outreach.

We recommend to take these courses in the order they appear, although it is not required to do so.
Courses of StudyProgressLast viewed
Foundations of Evangelization
The Good News: Belonging to God's Family
The Father: Origin and Desire of AllIn Progress
Christ: His Person and WorksIn Progress
Holy Spirit, Converter of HeartsIn Progress
The Human Person in God's Loving PlanIn Progress
Pedagogy of Revelation and the Response of FaithIn Progress
The Good News: Mastering the Kerygma
The Sacramental EconomyIn Progress
The Universal Call to HolinessIn Progress
The Kerygma: Key DoctrinesIn Progress
The Kerygma: Delivering the Gospel ProclamationIn Progress
The Vocation of the CatechistIn Progress
Effectively Discipling Others One-to-One
Seeing the Person Generously
Being Guided and Guiding SoulsIn Progress
The Challenge of Charity: Life in the Family of GodIn Progress
Building the Mentoring Relationship: Empathic ListeningIn Progress
Building the Mentoring Relationship: Asking Good QuestionsIn Progress
Personal Vocation and the Mentoring RelationshipIn Progress
Seeking the Person Effectively
Conversion in Modern CultureIn Progress
Giving Counsel and Pastoral CareIn Progress
Teaching Catechesis for ConversionIn Progress
Spiritual AccountabilityIn Progress
Reaching Certain Age Levels
Reaching Adults
Adult Catechetical Methodologies and Learning StylesIn Progress
Discipling AdultsIn Progress
Vocational SpiritualityIn Progress
Reaching Families
The Family as the Context of CatechesisIn Progress
Family: Domestic Church and School of HolinessIn Progress
Shifting to Family-Centered FormationIn Progress
Reaching Teenagers
General Introduction to Adolescent DevelopmentIn Progress
Incarnational Ministry: Relational Ministry with TeenagersIn Progress
Forming Disciples for the New EvangelizationIn Progress
Principles of Intercultural CommunicationIn Progress
Reaching Children
Fostering Holiness in Children In Progress
The Evangelizing ClassroomIn Progress
Connecting Child Development with Catechetical FormationIn Progress
Faith and Moral Development: Ages 3–6In Progress
Faith and Moral Development: Ages 6-12In Progress
Faith and Moral Development: Ages 12–18In Progress

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