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Youth Ministry (YM) Track

In cooperation with Life Teen, this track offers an efficient and in-depth two-part series of workshops providing thorough formation for youth ministers, including presentations that are practical, academic, theological, and spiritual.  The most important factor in successfully evangelizing and discipling adolescents is the human one:  the authentic witness and genuine love of those willing to invest in the spiritual growth of younger souls.  This track helps youth ministers to impact families, who bear the primarily formative responsibility, and to walk alongside adolescents in the Spirit’s power, with pastoral prudence, doctrinal confidence, and a generous life witness.

We recommend to take these courses in the order they appear, although it is not required to do so.
Courses of StudyProgressLast viewed
First Year Youth Ministry
A Vision for Effective Youth MinistryIn Progress
Personal Spirituality & the Call to HolinessIn Progress
Forming Disciples for the New EvangelizationIn Progress
Culture and Context of Youth Ministry
Mobilizing Teens for Service, Leadership and VocationIn Progress
Partnering with Families in Youth MinistryIn Progress
Intercultural Ministry with YouthComing Soon!
Catechetical Formation of Adolescents
Incarnational Ministry: Relational Ministry with TeenagersIn Progress
Effective Catechesis in Youth MinistryIn Progress
Methods and Practical Skills for Youth MinistryIn Progress
Second Year Youth Ministry
Holy Spirit, Converter of HeartsIn Progress
Theology for Youth MinistryComing Soon!
General Introduction to Adolescent DevelopmentComing Soon!
Culture and Context of Youth Ministry
Engaging Youth CultureComing Soon!
“A Step Beyond”: Ministry Beyond the ParishComing Soon!
Counseling and Pastoral Care With TeensComing Soon!
The Church, the Body of Christ: Working With the Diocese, the Pastor, the Parish and VolunteersComing Soon!
Catechetical Formation of Adolescents
The Liturgical Nature and Sacramental Life of the ChurchIn Progress
Our Life in Christ: The Basics of Catholic Morality (Youth Ministry)In Progress
Theology of the Body: Teaching Catholic Sexuality to TeensComing Soon!

Electives for this Track

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