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Catechumenal Ministry (RCIA) Track

In cooperation with the Association for Catechumenal Ministry (ACM), this wide-ranging three-part track provides preparation for all those involved in assisting the conversion process of newcomers to the Catholic faith. It does this by focusing on the liturgical, catechetical, and pastoral elements essential to the evangelization and formation of those investigating and approaching our Church.

While presenting a systematic doctrinal foundation taken directly from the Catechism
of the Catholic Church, this track also includes a deep exploration of Scripture’s role in the conversion process, the centrality of the liturgical rites, the nature of teaching for conversion, the indispensable work of an RCIA team, the role of sponsors and godparents, the power of a balanced clergy-laity collaboration, and the importance of each of the stages of the catechumenal process. Workshops on evangelization, canon law, and the catechumenate for children and adolescents are also offered.

We recommend to take these courses in the order they appear, although it is not required to do so.
Courses of StudyProgressLast viewed
Foundational RCIA Certification
The Vision for Christian Initiation
The Catechumenal Process: A Modern Restoration of an Ancient PracticeIn Progress
Three Approaches to the RCIA ProcessIn Progress
Entrance into Christ and Participation in God's LifeIn Progress
Liturgical Aspect of Christian Initiation
Essential Link Between Liturgy and CatechesisIn Progress
Liturgical Components of the Christian Initiation Process: Gateways and Sources of Grace for ConversionIn Progress
Catechetical Aspect of Christian Initiation
Catechesis: Echoing what God has RevealedIn Progress
Catechetical Components of the Christian Initiation Process: Illuminating and Securing the Path of FaithIn Progress
Scripture: The Heart of CatechesisIn Progress
Pastoral Aspect of Christian Initiation
The Challenge of Charity: Life in the Family of GodIn Progress
Pastoral Components of the Christian Initiation Process: From Initial Motivation to Firm Conviction to a Catholic WorldviewIn Progress
Advanced RCIA Certification, Part I
The Vision for Christian Initiation
Pedagogy of Revelation & the Response of FaithIn Progress
Liturgical Aspects of Christian Initiation
Understanding the LiturgyIn Progress
Wielding the RCIA Rite Book Effectively
Catechetical Aspect of Christian Initiation
The Ecclesial MethodIn Progress
Analyzing Doctrine with Doctrinal KeysIn Progress
Sacred Scripture: The Big PictureIn Progress
Pastoral Aspect of Christian Initiation
The Catechist: Witness to the TruthIn Progress
Developing a Team: Creating an Environment for ConversionIn Progress
Companions on the Journey: Sponsors and Godparents
Advanced RCIA Certification, Part II
The Vision for Christian Initiation
The Essential Roles of the Bishop & Clergy in the RCIA ProcessRelease Date: To be Announced
Liturgical Aspect of Christian Initiation
The Discernment Process for Participant's Readiness for the RitesRelease Date: To be Announced
Catechetical Aspect of Christian Initiation
Catechesis in the Precatechumenate: Delivering the GospelRelease Date: To Be Announced
Catechesis in the Catechumenate: Faith, Hope & LoveRelease Date: To Be Announced
Catechesis in Purification and Enlightenment: Preparing to Receive the Life of GodRelease Date: To Be Announced
Catechesis in Mystagogy: Deepening in the Graces ReceivedRelease Date: To Be Announced
Pastoral Aspect of Christian Initiation
Pastoring from the Initial Inquiry to the Rite of AcceptanceRelease Date: To Be Announced
Pastoring from the Rite of Acceptance to the Rite of ElectionRelease Date: To Be Announced
Pastoring from the Rite of Election to the Point of Initiation through the Neophyte YearRelease Date: To Be Announced

Electives for this Track

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Liturgical Aspects

  • Incorporating the Minor Rites & Liturgical Prayer ExperiencesComing Soon!
  • Going Deeper: RCIA Lenten RitesComing Soon!
  • Going Deeper: Breaking Open the WordComing Soon!
  • The Great Day: Holy SaturdayComing Soon!
  • Unfolding Aspects of Catholic Prayer & Piety in the RCIA ProcessComing Soon!
  • Canon Law: Validity of BaptismComing Soon!
  • Canon Law: Annulments & DissolutionsComing Soon!
  • Canon Law: Denominational ConsiderationComing Soon!
  • Canon Law: Communion & Special SituationsComing Soon!
  • Canon Law: Confirmation, Eastern Rites & the Orthodox ChurchesComing Soon!
  • Initiation in Situations of EmergencyComing Soon!
  • Initiation Adaptations for Hispanic Communities in the United StatesComing Soon!

Catechetical Aspect

  • Christ: Center of the CatechumenateComing Soon!
  • Adult Faith & Moral DevelopmentComing Soon!
  • Apologetics Special Topics IComing Soon!
  • Apologetics Special Topics IIComing Soon!
  • Apologetics Special Topics IIIComing Soon!
  • How to Teach to Cultural RealitiesComing Soon!
  • How to Use the Hierarchy of TruthsComing Soon!
  • Making RCIA Gatherings Work BetterComing Soon!
  • Discerning & Training of RCIA CatechistsComing Soon!
  • Developing Annual Calendars & Catechetical TopicsComing Soon!
  • Going Deeper with the Ecclesial Method Coming Soon!
  • Digital Catechesis: Using Tech Tools to Teach Eternal TruthsComing Soon!
  • Developing a Social Media OutreachComing Soon!
  • Catechesis & Inculturation for Diverse CommunitiesComing Soon!
  • Catechesis for Persons with DisabilitiesComing Soon!

Pastoral Aspect

  • Signs & Stages of ConversionComing Soon!
  • Going Deeper: Team FormationComing Soon!
  • Going Deeper: Sponsor FormationComing Soon!
  • Developing an Evangelizing & Welcoming ParishComing Soon!
  • The Catechumenate for Rural ParishesComing Soon!
  • Handling Difficult Needs of NeophytesComing Soon!
  • Annulments: Pastoral Suggestions for Those "In Waiting"Coming Soon!
  • Forming Souls Through Small GroupsComing Soon!
  • Formation Work with Men IComing Soon!
  • Formation Work with Women IComing Soon!
  • Catechesis & Giving CounselComing Soon!
  • Catechesis & Deliverance/HealingComing Soon!
  • Catechesis & LGBT IssuesComing Soon!
  • Catechesis & Child Protection IssuesComing Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Adult MinistryComing Soon!


  • Resources for a Children's CatechumenateComing Soon!
  • Celebrating Liturgical Rites With ChildrenComing Soon!
  • Informing & Forming ParentsComing Soon!
  • Sponsors & Godparents for ChildrenComing Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Children's MinistryComing Soon!
  • Barriers to Evangelization Occurring for Parents & by ParentsComing Soon!
  • Parental Fortitude & Sunday SpiritualityComing Soon!
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