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Catechist (CT) Track

Directed to any person engaged in teaching ministries at any level, this three-part comprehensive program offers spiritual, methodological, philosophical, and doctrinal topics essential to the teaching of the Catholic faith. Believing that the most significant factor in the catechetical endeavor is the individual catechist passing on the witness of a lived faith, this track aims to complement basic diocesan catechist certification. It does this by enriching in-diocese teaching with workshops designed to: 1) Take catechists to the next step of formation in key areas; 2) Address target areas needing strengthening in our current cultural context; and 3) Enable catechists to continue growing their skills and understanding in the years following completion of diocesan certification.

We recommend to take these courses in the order they appear, although it is not required to do so.
Courses of StudyProgressLast viewed
Foundational Catechist Certification
The Vocation of the CatechistIn Progress
Jesus: The Christocentricity of CatechesisIn Progress
The Deposit of Faith: An Introduction to the CatechismIn Progress
Essential Link Between Liturgy and CatechesisIn Progress
Scripture: The Heart of CatechesisIn Progress
Sacred Scripture: The Big PictureIn Progress
The Ecclesial MethodIn Progress
Child Catechetical Methodologies & Learning StylesIn Progress
Adult Catechetical Methodologies & Learning StylesIn Progress
Philosophical Foundations of CatecheticsIn Progress
Prayer: Introduction to the Spiritual Life of the CatechistIn Progress
The TrinityIn Progress
Christ: His Person & WorksIn Progress
Advanced Catechist Certification, Part I
Magisterial, Conciliar & Catechetical Documents IIn Progress
Pedagogy of Revelation & the Response of FaithIn Progress
Scripture: The Driving Force of DoctrineIn Progress
Analyzing Doctrine with Doctrinal KeysIn Progress
The Human PersonIn Progress
Praying with Scripture: Lectio DivinaIn Progress
The Sacramental EconomyIn Progress
Holy Spirit, Converter of HeartsIn Progress
The Blessed Virgin MaryIn Progress
The Church: Dispenser of the Mysteries & Guardian of the Deposit of FaithIn Progress
Advanced Catechist Certification, Part II
The Family as the Context of CatechesisIn Progress
Introduction to the Old TestamentIn Progress
Introduction to the New TestamentIn Progress
Liturgy & Catechetical MethodologyIn Progress
Reality: Epistemology for CatechistsIn Progress
Being Guided & Guiding SoulsIn Progress
Ten Commandments & BeatitudesIn Progress
The Four Last ThingsIn Progress
Our Life in Christ: The Basics of Catholic Morality In Progress
Catholic Social TeachingIn Progress

Electives for this Track

To view or start an elective, click on its title from the list below.

Adult Catechesis

  • Adult Faith & Moral DevelopmentComing Soon!
  • Hispanic Adult Ministry Strategies IComing Soon!
  • Hispanic Adult Ministry Strategies IIComing Soon!
  • Catechetical Skills Builder Intensive I & IIComing Soon!
  • Catechesis & Giving CounselComing Soon!
  • Catechesis & Deliverance/HealingComing Soon!
  • Contemporary Catechetical Issues & Their Philosophical RootsComing Soon!
  • The Catechumenal Model in Other Forms of CatechesisComing Soon!
  • Stages of the CatechumenateComing Soon!
  • The Parish: Home for the CatechumenateComing Soon!
  • The Parish: Home for Parent FormationComing Soon!
  • Rationale for the Catechumenate: Christian Initiation in the 21st CenturyComing Soon!
  • Relations Among Parish, Diocese & Holy SeeComing Soon!
  • Catechetics & Conversion SpiritualityComing Soon!
  • Catechetics & History IComing Soon!
  • Catechetics & History IIComing Soon!
  • Catechetics & Catholic IdentityComing Soon!
  • Forming Souls Through Small GroupsComing Soon!
  • Formation Work with Men IComing Soon!
  • Formation Work with Men IIComing Soon!
  • Formation Work with Women IComing Soon!
  • Formation Work with Women IIComing Soon!
  • Outreach & Evangelization Ministry IComing Soon!
  • Outreach & Evangelization Ministry IIComing Soon!
  • Baptism Preparation MinistryComing Soon!
  • Marriage Preparation MinistryComing Soon!
  • Digital Catechesis: Using Tech Tools to Teach Eternal TruthsComing Soon!
  • Parish Organizational Health I & IIComing Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Adult MinistryComing Soon!
  • Creative Adult Formation ApproachesComing Soon!

Children's Catechesis

Ministry of Parenting

  • Theology of the FamilyComing Soon!
  • Godly DisciplineComing Soon!
  • Parental Fortitude & Sunday SpiritualityComing Soon!
  • Evangelical Effectiveness of ParentingComing Soon!
  • Mentoring Other FamiliesComing Soon!
  • Child Saints, Part II: Seeing Your Child in His Light Coming Soon!
  • Barriers to Evangelization Occurring for Parents & by ParentsComing Soon!
  • A Family Vocation to HomeschoolingComing Soon!
  • Some Means for Parishes to Foster Evangelizing FamiliesComing Soon!
  • Questions for Parishes in Discerning Evangelization Efforts for FamiliesComing Soon!
  • The Sacramentality PrincipleComing Soon!
  • Spiritual Honesty & Spiritual JoyComing Soon!
  • The Best of Effective Contemporary Teaching StrategiesComing Soon!
  • Renewing Faith in Our FamiliesComing Soon!
  • Pilgrimage & Prayer in Family LifeComing Soon!
  • Faith in Hispanic Families IComing Soon!
  • Faith in Hispanic Families IIComing Soon!
  • Faith in African-American FamiliesComing Soon!
  • Fostering Vocations IComing Soon!
  • Fostering Vocations IIComing Soon!
  • Fostering Vocations at Home IComing Soon!
  • Fostering Vocations at Home IIComing Soon!
  • Wife & MotherComing Soon!
  • Husband & FatherComing Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Family MinistryComing Soon!
  • Creative Family Ministry ApproachesComing Soon!
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