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Counseling Focus

We recommend to take these workshops in the order they appear, although it is not required to do so.
WorkshopsProgressLast viewed
Counseling Specific Groups
Helping ChildrenRelease Date: To Be Announced
Helping AdolescentsRelease Date: To Be Announced
Helping AdultsRelease Date: To Be Announced
Counseling ScenariosRelease Date: To Be Announced
Crisis & ConflictRelease Date: To Be Announced
Suffering & DeathRelease Date: To Be Announced
Looking Forward
What is the Way Forward for a Diocese, Parish, School or Family to Develop Counseling Skills?Release Date: To Be Announced

Electives for this Track

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Mentoring Focus

  • St. John Bosco & St. Philip Neri as Mentors Coming Soon!
  • St. Francis de Sales & St. Catherine of Sienna as Mentors Coming Soon!
  • St. Teresa of Ávila & St. Thérèse of Lisieux as Mentors Coming Soon!
  • Parental Fortitude & Sunday Spirituality Coming Soon!
  • Evangelical Effectiveness of Parenting Coming Soon!
  • Mentoring Other Families Coming Soon!
  • Child Saints, Part II: Seeing Your Child in His Light Coming Soon!
  • Godly Discipline Coming Soon!
  • Homiletics Mentorship I Coming Soon!
  • Homiletics Mentorship II Coming Soon!
  • Liturgical Mentorship I Coming Soon!
  • Liturgical Mentorship II Coming Soon!

Spirituality Focus

  • Adult Faith & Moral Development Coming Soon!
  • Spiritual Masterworks II Coming Soon!
  • Spiritual Masterworks III Coming Soon!
  • Spiritual Masterworks IV Coming Soon!
  • Personal Development: Greatest Hopes & Fears Coming Soon!
  • Personal Development: Spiritual Docility & Openness Coming Soon!
  • Conversion: How Faith Grows and Withers Coming Soon!
  • Conversion: Culture Barriers & Cultural Helps Coming Soon!
  • Conversion: The Role of Suffering & Crisis Coming Soon!
  • Spiritual Dimension of Healthcare Coming Soon!
  • Formation Work with Men I Coming Soon!
  • Formation Work with Women I Coming Soon!
  • Formation Work with Teenage Boys Coming Soon!
  • Formation Work with Teenage Girls Coming Soon!

Counseling Focus

  • Helping Engaged Couples Coming Soon!
  • Helping New Parents Coming Soon!
  • Helping Married Couples Coming Soon!
  • Counseling Scenarios II Coming Soon!
  • Counseling Scenarios III Coming Soon!
  • Counseling Scenarios IV Coming Soon!
  • Depression & Suicide Coming Soon!
  • Addiction & Alcoholism Coming Soon!
  • Forming Souls Through Small Groups Coming Soon!
  • The Discernment Process for Participant's Readiness for the Rites Coming Soon!
  • Marriage Preparation Ministry Coming Soon!
  • Discipling Adults Coming Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Adult Ministry Coming Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Children's Ministry Coming Soon!
  • Pastoral Issues in Family Ministry Coming Soon!
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