Facilitating Conversion in a Catholic School

“The religion teacher is the key, the vital component, if the educational goals of the school are to be achieved. But the effectiveness of religious instruction is closely tied to the personal witness given by the teacher; this witness is what brings the content of the lessons to life. Teachers of religion, therefore… must have a thorough cultural, professional, and pedagogical training and they must be capable of genuine dialogue. A teacher who has a clear vision of the Christian milieu and lives in accord with it will be able to help young people develop a similar vision, and will give them the inspiration they need to put it into practice. In this area, especially, an unprepared teacher can do a great deal of harm” (Religious Dimensions of Education in a Catholic School, 96-97).  This workshop explores key aspects of the environment of conversion in a Catholic school, giving highest attention to the formation of the educators who bear witness to and bring to life all that the building has been created to foster.

This workshop is coming soon!
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