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Contemporary Teaching Strategies

As teachers — whether in a school, a parish setting, or in the home — it is our deep desire that those we teach truly learn and desire to keep learning. Mother Church “exhorts the faithful to assist to their utmost in finding suitable methods of education and programs of study and in forming teachers who can give youth a true education” (Second Vatican Council’s “Declaration on Christian Education,” Gravissimum educationis 6). With so many different teaching styles and educational philosophies being practiced, and our own experiences of having been taught in different contexts, it can be difficult to sort through what bears the most fruit in the lives of those we serve and what might be hindering their ability to learn and love learning. In this workshop, we will explore a number of teaching principles that are research-based, tried and true, from the work of Dr. Maria Montessori and that of Dr. John Hattie. As our presenter will say, the principles in this workshop are the best of contemporary teaching strategies, meaning these strategies have been shown to be highly effective — and therefore are of great interest to all of us teachers! This workshop is, in a special way, geared toward those who teach children. However, the principles discussed can be adapted and applied to anyone, and thus this workshop will benefit teachers in all situations.

Workshop Presenter

Dr. Gerard O'Shea is Assistant Director of Catholic Education (Mission and Religious Education) for the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes, Australia. He is also professor of Religious Education for the... Read more

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