The Deposit of Faith Across the Curriculum

“A school has as its purpose the students’ integral formation…. A Christian formation process might therefore be described as an organic set of elements with a single purpose: the gradual development of every capability of every student… But what really matters is not the terminology but the reality, and this reality will be assured only if all the teachers unite their educational efforts in the pursuit of a common goal” (Religious Dimensions of Education in a Catholic School, 70, 99).  This workshop will explain fundamental principles for assuring a full proclamation of the faith across a school-wide religious education program. This workshop will examine the organic unity of the faith that is the foundation for all teaching, and finds critical relevance in every subject, and in every educator’s personal witness.

This workshop is coming soon!

Workshop Presenter

Petroc Willey BD, PhD, STL, PhD, is married to Katherine and has four children – Charis, Benedict, Nicholas and David. He is the Director of the Catechetical Institute and of the Office of... Read more

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