Developing a Team: Creating an Environment for Conversion

The RCIA team is an essential element in an effective RCIA process, and is often the first real “Catholic community” many RCIA participants encounter. The members of a well-formed RCIA team play a fundamental role in fostering the Holy Spirit’s work of conversion through their personal witness to the practice of the faith and their commitment to entering into authentic relationships with those considering entering Holy Mother Church. They support and model and most of all they love. This workshop delves into how to find, form, and faithfully lead a team that can help create a strong environment for conversion.  There is also a follow-up workshop that goes even deeper into this critical pastoral element.

This workshop is coming soon!

Presentador del Taller

Bill Keimig es actualmente el subdirector del Catechetical Institute de Franciscan University en Steubenville, Ohio. Se desempeñó como director de educación religiosa en la Iglesia Católica de St... Leer más

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