The Catechumenal Process: A Modern Restoration of an Ancient Practice

What is our purpose and goal as ministers in the Church in an RCIA process?  To make new Catholics?  To spread the Gospel?  To run a good process?  Our purpose and goal must transcend the “how” of RCIA and begin with the “why.”  The restoration of the catechumenal process is a reflection of the Church’s wisdom in going back to a tried and true practice in order to lovingly bring people into her fold.  It is a restoration of grace for those who are seeking Christ and his one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.  This workshop inaugurates the necessary vision to develop excellent parish-based RCIA ministry, beginning with a call to trust the wisdom of Holy Mother Church in her discernment to gift the modern world with a way of Christian Initiation unparalleled in its beauty and power.  Only in the light of this trust and deep understanding of the RCIA process, as the Church intends it to be implemented, does the full purpose and potential of the initiation journey become clear and attainable.

Presentador del Taller

Scott Sollom

Scott Sollom is an assistant professor of theology at Franciscan University. He has conducted RCIA training workshops around the country and the world, including presentations with the Association... Leer más

Bill Keimig es actualmente el subdirector del Catechetical Institute de Franciscan University en Steubenville, Ohio. Se desempeñó como director de educación religiosa en la Iglesia Católica de St... Leer más

Petroc Willey BD, PhD, STL, PhD, está casado con Katherine y tiene cuatro hijos – Charis, Benedict, Nicholas y David – y una nieta, Miriam. Es el director del Catechetical Institute y del... Leer más

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