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IMPORTANTE: Estás viendo este taller de manera individual fuera del contexto de una concentración ministerial. Para tomar un taller con la guía de un mentor, debes tomar el taller dentro de una concentración ministerial, esto es, ingresando primero a la concentración ministerial desde la columna izquierda de “Mi Sitio”.

Personality and Profile of the Successful PCL

While “Parish Catechetical Leader” can mean virtually anything in a given parish, there are  specific skills that are particularly best suited for the people who serve in these eclectic positions. This workshop discusses those skills and traits in detail and examines some of the major themes, underlying principles and recurring patterns found in the lives of successful leaders who serve under pastors. May we be inspired to seek the harder road in the privileged vocation of leadership in God’s Church, so that He may be glorified and many souls lifted up. As St. Catherine of Siena in the voice of our Lord said: “I have set you as workers in your own and your neighbor’s souls, and in the mystic Body of holy Church.  Take your tears and your sweat, drawn from the fountain of My Divine love, and with them wash the face of My spouse the Church. I promise you, that by this means, her beauty will be restored to her.”

Presentador del Taller

Petroc Willey BD, PhD, STL, PhD, está casado con Katherine y tiene cuatro hijos – Charis, Benedict, Nicholas y David – y una nieta, Miriam. Es el director del Catechetical Institute y del... Read more

Gloria F. ("Gigi") Zapiain se ha dedicado por más de 25 años a la catequesis a nivel parroquial y diocesano.  Ha servido como directora de educación religiosa parroquial y consultora de... Read more

Bill Keimig es actualmente el subdirector del Catechetical Institute de Franciscan University en Steubenville, Ohio. Se desempeñó como director de educación religiosa en la Iglesia Católica de St... Read more

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