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IMPORTANTE: Estás viendo este taller de manera individual fuera del contexto de una concentración ministerial. Para tomar un taller con la guía de un mentor, debes tomar el taller dentro de una concentración ministerial, esto es, ingresando primero a la concentración ministerial desde la columna izquierda de “Mi Sitio”.

Methods and Practical Skills for Youth Ministry

Understanding universal catechetical principles, such as the primacy of relational ministry, are important for every type of formation and outreach. Yet, these principles come to life in the context of each ministry’s unique demands. Though many elements of methodology are discussed in our other workshops, this workshop provides answers for specific questions concerning youth ministry, such as the Ecclesial Method applied to adolescents, retreat and semester planning, and effective ways to speak to groups of teens.

Presentador del Taller

Bob Rice es Profesor Asociado  de Catequesis en Franciscan University, y sirve a más de 10,000 personas a través de su ministerio. Su ministerio incluye conferencias, charlas, talleres, así... Read more

Mark Hart, affectionately known as the Bible Geek, is an award-winning author and sought after speaker. He has a passion for youth evangelization and serves as the Executive Vice President of Life... Read more

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