Reality: Epistemology for Catechists

Epistemology is the investigation of what we can know, and how we can know reality. It is the discovery of reality. This workshop applies epistemology to our Catholic faith, exploring the ways by which we use our ordinary human processes of knowing, as well as the supernatural gift of faith, to grow in knowledge and explore the beautiful mysteries of our faith, the central mystery being the Blessed Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Here you will discover ways of becoming more confident teachers of the faith, handing on to the students in your care the confidence that they can know and teach the faith with certainty.

Presentador del Taller

Ron Bolster

Ron Bolster es profesor asistente de Teología del Departamento de Catequesis en Franciscan University, donde también ha servido como director del Departamento. Además, sirvió en la diócesis de... Read more

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