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Pastoral Accompaniment (PA) Track

The primary audience of this three-part series of workshops is those working in any ministry setting — clergy or laity — whose interactions with others require mentoring skills, evangeli- cal hospitality, ongoing pastoral interactions in the course of catechetical work, small group facilitation, parenting, nurturing, and intercessory prayer outreach. Anyone who has some degree of work in the care of souls can benefit significantly from these workshops.

This track is divided into three areas of emphasis in pastoral accompaniment: 1) Mentoring; 2) Spiritual Guidance; and 3) Counseling. Workshops in each of these areas are not designed for professional counselors, spiritual directors, or similar niche roles, but instead for those in more general catechetical or ministerial roles. This track’s diverse content is also applicable to every parent, every priest, and every parishioner who understands the demanding call upon all baptized believers to love generously and serve sacrificially.

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Programas de estudioProgresoVisto por última vez
Foundations of Pastoral Accompaniment
Mentoring Focus
Catechetical MentorshipEn progreso
Mentoring in Ministry En progreso
Spirituality Focus
Being Guided and Guiding SoulsEn progreso
Following Jesus: The Challenge of DiscipleshipEn progreso
Counseling Focus
Conversion in Modern CultureEn progreso
Giving Counsel and Pastoral CareEn progreso
Mentoring Focus
Specific Skills and Needs
Personal Vocation and the Mentoring RelationshipEn progreso
Building the Mentoring Relationship: Asking Good QuestionsEn progreso
Building the Mentoring Relationship: Empathic ListeningEn progreso
Mentoring Specific Groups
Mentoring Within a FamilyEn progreso
Mentoring Other FamiliesEn progreso
Adult Catechetical Methodologies and Learning StylesEn progreso
Incarnational Ministry: Relational Ministry with TeenagersEn progreso
Child Catechetical Methodologies and Learning Styles: Going DeeperEn progreso
Observing and Measuring Discipleship in ChildrenEn progreso
Incorporating Evangelization into Children's Faith FormationEn progreso
Spirituality Focus
Specific Skills and Needs
Holy Spirit, Converter of HeartsEn progreso
Vocational SpiritualityEn progreso
Spiritual AccountabilityEn progreso
An Introduction to Spiritual CombatEn progreso
Eucharistic DiscipleshipEn progreso
Using Perceivers (M-Core, Myers-Briggs, temperaments, spiritual inventories, charisms, etc.)Release Date: To be Announced
Spiritual Work with Specific Groups
Discipling AdultsEn progreso
Vocational Discernment for Young Adults
Fostering Holiness in Children En progreso
Faith and Moral Development: Ages 12-18En progreso
Faith and Moral Development: Ages 6-12En progreso
Faith and Moral Development: Ages 3–6En progreso
Counseling Focus
Specific Skills and Needs
Dealing with Crisis and Conflict from a Christian Perspective
The Challenge of Charity: Life in the Family of GodEn progreso
Giving Counsel with Specific Groups
Redemptive Suffering and Anointing of the SickRelease Date: To Be Announced
Pastoral Components of the Christian Initiation Process: From Initial Motivation to Firm Conviction to a Catholic WorldviewEn progreso
General Introduction to Adolescent DevelopmentEn progreso
Engaging Youth CultureEn progreso
Connecting Child Development with Catechetical FormationEn progreso
Teaching Your Children About God's Plan for SexualityEn progreso

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