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Ministry of Parenting (MP) Track

The Catechetical Institute views parenting as the critical catechetical role in the Church. Our desire is to help families in our challenging modern culture see God’s plan for the domestic church and the school of holiness it creates as the decisive element in bringing about a culture of life. The workshops in this track are not intended to result in any certification but instead aim at a far more fundamental end: forming adults who know how to live a missionary life in marriage and judge nothing in life as great as the work of parenting toward sainthood and striving for spousal sanctity. To foster this, a great variety of pragmatic and imaginative workshops are offered by the Catechetical Institute as electives in every track and collected together in this track.

This track's content is funded with a generous grant by the Our Sunday Visitor Institute.

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Programas de estudioProgresoVisto por última vez
The Lay Vocation
The Lay Vocation
The Universal Call to HolinessEn progreso
A Foundational Vision: The Role of the LaityEn progreso
The Human Person in God's Loving PlanEn progreso
The Human PersonEn progreso
Conversion: How Faith Grows and WithersRelease Date: To Be Announced
Spiritual CombatRelease Date: To Be Announced
The Kerygma: Key DoctrinesEn progreso
The Kerygma: Delivering the Gospel ProclamationEn progreso
Foundational Relationships: The Father and the SonRelease Date: To Be Announced
Foundational Relationships: The Holy Spirit and Mother ChurchRelease Date: To Be Announced
The Spousal Vocation
The Spousal Vocation
Parent SaintsEn progreso
A Foundational Vision: Theology of the BodyEn progreso
Vocational SpiritualityEn progreso
Being Guided and Guiding SoulsEn progreso
Wife and MotherRelease Date: To Be Announced
Husband and FatherRelease Date: To Be Announced
Spiritual Friendship and CompanionshipRelease Date: To Be Announced
Spiritual AccountabilityEn progreso
Mentoring Within a FamilyEn progreso
Mentoring Other FamiliesComing Soon!
The Parental Vocation
The Parental Vocation
Fostering Holiness in Children En progreso
A Foundational Vision: The Community of the FamilyEn progreso
Theology of the FamilyEn progreso
Parental Fortitude and Sunday SpiritualityRelease Date: To Be Announced
Evangelical Effectiveness of ParentingRelease Date: To Be Announced
Fostering Vocations at Home IRelease Date: To Be Announced
Fostering Vocations at Home IIRelease Date: To Be Announced
Family: Domestic Church and School of HolinessEn progreso
Godly DisciplineRelease Date: To Be Announced
Marian Motherhood and Priestly FatherhoodRelease Date: To Be Announced
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