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IMPORTANTE: Estás viendo este taller de manera individual fuera del contexto de una concentración ministerial. Para tomar un taller con la guía de un mentor, debes tomar el taller dentro de una concentración ministerial, esto es, ingresando primero a la concentración ministerial desde la columna izquierda de “Mi Sitio”.

Spiritual Accountability

Speaking of catechesis with adults, the Directory for Catechesis tells us: “The commitment to the maturation of baptismal faith is a personal responsibility that the adult above all must perceive as a priority on account of being involved in an ongoing process of the formation of his own personal identity. . . . [E]ven at this stage of life and with characteristic accentuations, accompaniment and growth in faith are necessary so that the adult may mature in that spiritual wisdom which illuminates and brings unity to the manifold experiences of his personal, family and social life” (259). In this workshop, we will explore a particular form of accompaniment by which one person — whether lay, consecrated religious, or ordained — journeys with another through spiritual, intellectual, human, and apostolic formation. Through spiritual accountability, an individual is held accountable to Jesus, to him or herself, and to the person accompanying him or her for the growth occurring in his or her life. Our aim with this form of accompaniment is to make missionary disciples of Jesus Christ — in other words, to accompany people in such a way so that they can then go share the Good News of the Gospel with others, and provide for others the spiritual, intellectual, human, and apostolic formation they, themselves, have received. This workshop's creation was made possible through a generous grant by the Our Sunday Visitor Institute.

Presentador del Taller

Chris was born and raised in a small town in central Minnesota. He was raised as a Catholic, but stopped practicing his faith in college until a "chance" encounter his junior year... Read more

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