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IMPORTANTE: Estás viendo este taller de manera individual fuera del contexto de una concentración ministerial. Para tomar un taller con la guía de un mentor, debes tomar el taller dentro de una concentración ministerial, esto es, ingresando primero a la concentración ministerial desde la columna izquierda de “Mi Sitio”.

Mentoring Other Families

In his beautiful Apostolic Exhortation “On the Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World,” Familiaris consortio, St. John Paul II reminds us that “. . . far from being closed in on itself, the family is by nature and vocation open to other families and to society, and undertakes its social role” (42). In this workshop, we will explore how the family is called to mentor, or share its spiritual riches, with other families — both in active, intentional ways, and by its quiet witness to the truths of the faith and love of God. Although no family is perfect, each facing unique struggles and brokenness, every family is called by our Lord to share the gifts He has given it with others, in order to help lead others closer to His loving Heart. This workshop will help us understand how our family is called to grow in holiness and serve others, as well as provide numerous practical suggestions for mentoring other families. This workshop's creation was made possible through a generous grant by the Our Sunday Visitor Institute.

Presentador del Taller

As a young girl, Mary Mosher wanted to do three things with her life. She wanted to be married, to have many children, and to serve God and His people. God has granted her heart’s desires and more... Read more

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