Thank you for your response!

Prof. Keimig mentions four common fears many have when asked to help others along their spiritual journey.

It is important to bring these fears into the light so they can be faced. The devil works in darkness, and through isolation, thus it is best to bring these types of fears in ministry prudently to light with someone you trust.

The right questions can help us unlock another soul, greatly serving the Holy Spirit’s work of conversion. It does take practice, however, to discern which question to ask and when. Regardless of how comfortable or not comfortable you feel with asking deep questions of others, continue to pray for the grace of discernment and prudence in asking the right question at the right time. Put out into the deep!

We have to be careful to not insert this question when it does not fit, but see if there’s a way to bring a certain conversation deeper by asking one of these questions. Additionally, remember that deeper questions often work best after a period of small talk.