Thank you for your response!

Set a goal of a small step you want to make to strengthen this area this week.

For example, if you see the liturgy as the area in which growth is needed, assuming you already attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, set a goal of attending one daily Mass in addition to regular Sunday Mass/Holy Day of obligation during this upcoming week. If you are already attending as many daily Masses as is prudentially possible in your life, perhaps pray about a way you could enter into each Mass this week more deeply — maybe by reading the readings before Mass, or finding a way to keep certain distractions from entering your consciousness.

If you see the area of Scriptures as needing growth, goals could mean reading and praying with a chapter each day this week, or a parable, or a section of a chapter each day. Or maybe it’s to read and pray with the Sunday Gospel reading before Sunday.

As far as imitating Christ, what’s a virtue you feel strongly drawn to grow in to more closely imitate Christ? What small step can you take this week to practice this virtue, and reach out to God, that you might receive His grace to receive challenge and growth in this virtue. Could you take time to read a particular part of the Gospels to learn more about how Christ challenges souls in this virtue?