Thank you for your response!

Much of our free will's battle in seeking holiness comes in the form of not imagining that we should decide for God the terms and duration of trials that bring growth. He will be faithful in revealing what is holding us back. But all authentic progress in God aims to not only build virtue, but also trust.

“He is not truly patient who will only suffer as far as seems right to him and from whom he pleases. The truly patient man considers not by whom he is tried, one above him, or by an equal, or by an inferior, whether by a good and holy man or by a perverse and unworthy, but from every creature. He gratefully accepts all from the hand of God and counts it gain.” – Thomas à Kempis, Imitation of Christ

Whatever God reveals to you about what holds you back, give to Him in your prayer permission to choose the means. Without this, you will most likely remain blind to the means, and thereby miss the grace you seek.